How are brands using Instagram to connect with fans?

Answer by Brent Baltzer: Here’s some ways: use relevant existing hashtags (geographic/psychographic targeting) comment on other photos with hashtags relevant to your biz create your own hashtags for your fans to use (based around a particular campaign or just your business) do some market research; find out what your target demographics are posting and liking […]

Digital Marketing Roundup

With all of the incredible free marketing content being published these days, it’s virtually impossible to keep up (though that doesn’t stop me from trying!) It’s easy to get in the habit of skimming over tons of articles without retaining much, but that seems like a waste of time. Wouldn’t it be better to focus […]

Notice What You Notice (The Reticular Activating System)

In my quest to become a more relaxed, organized and happy individual I have been reading and implementing David Allen’s personal productivity manual Getting Things Done. In chapter 3, Allen discusses the “reticular activating system” (68). The reticular activating system is your brain’s filter; it’s what enables one to sleep when music is playing but […]

Habits: Getting Small Wins

Charles Duhigg, in his book “The Power of Habit” talks about how small wins lead to big wins; it’s all about getting in the habit of winning. He uses the example of Michael Phelps; every day Phelps crawls out of bed at the same time and goes through the same winning routine. He eats a […]