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Brent Baltzer - legal PPC expert

Baltzer Marketing was founded in 2014 by Brent Baltzer after he realized that there was an opportunity to help brilliant and ambitious lawyers grow their law firm and make more money. After many years in the marketing world, he noticed that larger agencies weren't able to provide tailored solutions to individual industries. Often account managers would be managing too many accounts and for various types of businesses. They weren't able to effectively manage individual accounts. Brent wanted to change that, so that's how Baltzer Marketing for lawyers came to be. By focusing exclusively on the legal niche, we are able to build and maintain our expertise and authority in this competitive industry.

John Espinosa, Esq.

In the short time I've been working with Brent he has already shared a deep level of holistic advice to help kickstart my law firm's marketing machine and reach my target clients. Brent is not just a PPC expert, he takes the time to look at the whole picture and make suggestions that are tailored to my specific business goals.

John Espinosa, Esq. Business Attorney PPC December 4, 2019

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