About Baltzer Marketing

Baltzer Marketing was founded in 2014 and is recognized as a Google Partner and Certified Microsoft Advertising Professional. 

Brent Baltzer - Founder and Owner

Brent Baltzer - legal PPC expert

Baltzer Marketing was founded when Brent realized that there was an opportunity to help brilliant and ambitious lawyers grow their law firm and make more money. After many years in the marketing world, he noticed that larger agencies weren't able to provide tailored solutions to individual industries. Often account managers would be managing too many accounts and for many different industries. They weren't able to build up a base of expertise in any particular niche. Brent wanted to change that, so that's how Baltzer Marketing for lawyers came to be. By focusing exclusively on the legal niche, he was able to build and maintain our expertise and authority in this competitive industry. 

In his spare time, Brent loves to sing and play guitar. He also enjoys spending time gardening and tending to the vegetable garden. He has watched many YouTube videos about how best to grow, care for, and harvest all kinds of vegetables from tomatoes, peppers, garlic and more. On the weekends you can find him outside tending the garden or going for a hike. 

Amy Baltzer - Account Coordinator

Amy Baltzer

Amy joined Baltzer Marketing in January of 2020 and quickly became skilled in all aspects of pay-per-click marketing and landing page design. She is certified in Google Ads Search, Display, and Shopping and is a Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional. She started her career early working with her family at their small, franchised business. She quickly learned the importance of providing excellent customer service and making sure you have what your clients need when they need it.

When Amy and Brent met in Oregon several years ago, they knew instantly they were right for each other. A desire to be closer to their families brought them to Chattanooga, TN and in June of 2020 they were married in a backyard ceremony during the pandemic with family and close friends in attendance (both in person and via Zoom!). Amy loves any outdoor activity, but specifically enjoys biking, hiking, and camping. On weekends you’ll find her checking out new hiking spots or relaxing on the patio.

Maggie - Mascot & Amazing Pup

Maggie is absolutely living her best life! From the moment Amy saw her, she knew Maggie had found her forever home. Maggie is best described as more cat than dog and will spend the day sleeping or relaxing in a sunbeam. Her favorite activities include sunning on the deck and begging for treats. Maggie, now a senior pup, works hard each day sleeping next to us while we provide excellent service to our clients. 

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