How to Create B2B Content that Engages! – Amplify Interactive

See on – The Best Digital Marketing Stuff on the Web! Creating B2B content that engages your target audience is a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you create a content strategy that works. Brent Baltzer‘s insight: Brent Baltzer gives tips on how to create B2B content that engages! See on

PPC, Social Media, and SEO News of the Week 6/7/13 – Amplify Interactive

See on – The Best Digital Marketing Stuff on the Web! Read the best PPC, social media marketing, and SEO news of the week! Brought to you by Amplify Interactive, Portland’s Search Engine Marketing Agency! Brent Baltzer‘s insight: Check out my latest roundup, featuring tips on how to not suck at PowerPoint, the future […]

How Many Searches on Google Does a Keyword Receive?

  So you want to know how many searches on Google a keyword receives? Do this. Go to the Google keyword tool and log in. Check [exact match] on the left side of the page, under “Match Types”. Enter the two terms in the box on separate lines. Press enter. That’s it! Global searches means how many […]

Local SEO Basics by Jessica Ward

My colleague at Amplify Interactive recently gave a presentation here in Portland about local SEO and what it takes to rank highly for certain keywords in your local market. Here’s a Slideshare of her presentation. Local SEO Basics from Amplify Interactive

Can Pinterest Have a Positive Effect on a Site’s SEO?

Pinterest can indeed have a positive effect on a site’s SEO. Google is rapidly moving towards using social signals very heavily in search results. In the video below, Maile Ohye of Google clearly explains how they are using social signals for Google+. You can infer that will be using these concepts for any social channel […]