FAQ: All About The New Google RankBrain Algorithm

Google’s using a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help deliver its search results. Here’s what’s we know about it so far. Sourced through Scoop.it from: searchengineland.com Google has created a computer brain that can teach itself! How long before machines take over the world and eradicate us pesky humans once and for all? All […]

Girl on phone talking about the Hawt 11

The HAWT 11 SEM Articles Of The Week! (7/17/14)

Greetings friends, and welcome to the “Hawt” 11 SEM Articles Of The Week! Good lord it’s hot out right now! It makes me want to float down a river in an inner-tube with a cold 6-pack of PBR like the hillbilly that I am. But let’s try to keep it professional here and talk about […]

How to Create B2B Content that Engages! – Amplify Interactive

See on Scoop.it – The Best Digital Marketing Stuff on the Web! Creating B2B content that engages your target audience is a challenge. Here are a few tips to help you create a content strategy that works. Brent Baltzer‘s insight: Brent Baltzer gives tips on how to create B2B content that engages! See on www.amplify-interactive.com

How Many Searches on Google Does a Keyword Receive?

  So you want to know how many searches on Google a keyword receives? Do this. Go to the Google keyword tool and log in. Check [exact match] on the left side of the page, under “Match Types”. Enter the two terms in the box on separate lines. Press enter. That’s it! Global searches means how many […]

Local SEO Basics by Jessica Ward

My colleague at Amplify Interactive recently gave a presentation here in Portland about local SEO and what it takes to rank highly for certain keywords in your local market. Here’s a Slideshare of her presentation. Local SEO Basics from Amplify Interactive