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Brent is best of the best! I own a law firm in the San Francisco Bay area, and I handled my firm's Google AdWords account for 2+ years on my own, and after just a few short months of hiring Baltzer Marketing, my costs are cut in half, my ROI is more than doubled and I couldn't be happier. He is a genius at spotting inefficiencies in an online marketing plan and in generating more leads for less money! I can't recommend him highly enough!

Otis Landerholm Owner at Landerholm Immigration, APC February 21, 2016

Performance Driven. Results Focused. PPC for Lawyers.Brent Baltzer - legal PPC expert

We have a passion for helping brilliant and ambitious lawyers grow their law firm. There is a massive opportunity for most law firms to drive relevant leads and sales through search engine marketing. We believe in an “80/20” approach, and want to help you focus your energy and resources on the areas that will drive the greatest return on your investment.

We provide custom strategic solutions to fill your sales funnel with quality leads. Our mission is to focus on your business and goals so that we can help you quickly grow your law firm. We strive for happy clients and long term partnerships.

I spent over 3 years in a large agency environment, at Add3. In July of 2014 I founded Baltzer Marketing. I focus on PPC for law firms because I believe pay per click is the perfect marketing channel for attorneys, yet requires a high amount of specialized knowledge. Legal PPC works when it’s done right. And we do it right. Get in touch if you are serious about growing your law firm quickly with PPC.

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