When Should You A/B Test?

The beautiful thing about digital marketing, and especially PPC, is that we have a wealth of data upon which we can make decisions. However, it’s quicker and easier (in the short term) just to make decisions based on gut-instinct or emotion. We are all subject to cognitive biases which can cost us lots of money when we don’t account for them and keep them in check. So how does one avoid these money wasting, business killing cognitive biases?

Enter A/B testing!

A/B testing is awesome, but it does take time and effort. So when should you A/B test? Below is a cute little info-graphic from VWO that lays out 14 scenarios where you should definitely A/B test. Any of them sound familiar?

14 Times You Should A/B Test in Business

A/B Testing is one of the cornerstones of our processes here at Baltzer Marketing. Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions or want to see if we could be the right fit to drive quality leads to your business using AdWords, Bing, and other forms of digital advertising!

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Brent Baltzer is a digital marketing expert & is the founder of Baltzer Marketing - a digital marketing agency for law firms.

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