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PPC Quarterly Roundup | Q3 2021

We have reached the end of Q3 2021, so it is time to share our top 10 important updates and announcements for the PPC platforms Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. 

Google Ads

1 – Sunset of ETAsStarting June 2022, advertisers will no longer be able to create expanded text ads (ETAs). Responsive search ads (RSAs) will be the only available option.

2 – Improvements to Search Terms ReportAdvertisers can now view data for queries with a “substantial” number of impressions but no clicks in the search terms report. Data prior to September 2020 will be removed after February 2022.


3 – Increase Predictability Keyword MatchingThe update gives more control over which keyword is prioritized to a search when there is more than one keyword eligible. Relevance of the keyword is now used in addition to Ad Rank when determining which keyword is selected.

4 – New Three Strikes System Warnings and strikes will now be issued for repeat ad policy violations for Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances, and Dangerous Products or Services. Given Google’s history of invalid ad disapprovals, we hope they have vastly improved their ad review system.

5 – New Budget Report – There is a new budget report to help advertisers better visualize daily spend, monthly spend limits, and a monthly spend forecast. This should help advertisers gauge how much they are likely to spend by the end of the month.

Microsoft Ads

6 – Add Business AttributesBusinesses can now add business attributes to their advertisements to highlight how they “stand out” from their competition. Some attributes that can be added are “non-profit”, “small business”, “wheelchair accessible”, and “hearing assistance”. The four categories of attributes are inclusion, environmental, community/social responsibility, and accessibility.


7 – New Automated Extensions Advertisers can opt-in to the new automated extensions: dynamic location, dynamic multimedia, and syndication decorations. Locations will show a link with all nearby locations that goes to a map with your location marked.


8 – New Insertions for RSAs and Action ExtensionsYou can now add searcher location into RSAs. This is similar to dynamic keyword insertion and gives the searcher a more relevant ad. You can choose from city, state, or country level. Microsoft has also added additional calls-to-action to choose from for action extensions.

Facebook Ads

9 – Update to Pre-campaign estimates – Potential Reach and Interests will now have ranges rather than specific numbers to help advertisers better understand the potential number of people that may see their advertisement before launching a campaign. Potential Reach will now be called Estimated Audience Size.


10 – How Advertisers Reach Young People Facebook wants to provide younger members a more safe and private experience, so they are changing how advertisers reach anyone under 18 with ads. Targeting will be restricted to only age, gender, and location if the user is under 18. The targeting options based on interests and activity on other apps & websites will not be available. 


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