Mobile PPC Spend is up, organic visits from mobile are down

Mobile PPC Spend Goes Up, Organic Visits Go Down

Google recently made changes to mobile search results that has driven up mobile PPC spend while reducing organic traffic from mobile. What sort of changes, you ask? Well, back in August, Google announced they would begin showing three text ads above the organic results on mobile for some highly commercial searches instead of two. As a result, organic search results have been pushed down the page. When you conduct a highly commercial search, such as “DUI lawyer near me”, you will likely see three text ads at the top.

As a result, total impressions and click through rates have gone way up for mobile ads. Growth in mobile search revenue was one of the major contributors to Alphabet’s (formerly known as Google) 13% year over year increase in revenues for the third quarter 2015.

The takeaway is that Google continues to push hard to find new ways to drive revenue growth, and mobile is currently one of their primary focus areas. Any time that Google can make more money from a given search without drastically reducing user experience (i.e. without causing them to use a different search engine) they will do so.

As mobile search revenue goes up, so does the competition for advertisers. It’s more important than ever to have a highly strategic and measurable approach to pay-per-click advertising. It’s critical that you not only measure your cost per lead (if you are, say, a lawyer or a home improvement contractor), but it’s also imperative that you tie those leads back to your real world business results.

By managing your campaigns well, you can decrease CPC’s (cost per click) and direct your budget only toward the campaigns, ads, and keywords that are driving the greatest results for your business. PPC is a complicated game, but by playing it well it could be the quickest way to take your revenue to the next level.

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