How are brands using Instagram to connect with fans?

Answer by Brent Baltzer:

Here’s some ways:

  • use relevant existing hashtags (geographic/psychographic targeting)
  • comment on other photos with hashtags relevant to your biz
  • create your own hashtags for your fans to use (based around a particular campaign or just your business)
  • do some market research; find out what your target demographics are posting and liking
  • post your photos across your other social media channels
  • aggregate your photos with all your other social media stuff and display it on your website so people can discover and engage with all of your stuff from one place
  • Put the Instagram follow button on your website
  • Display your Instagram feed at live events and have attendees participate using an event-specific hashtag

These are just some of the ways brands can use Instagram to connect. For a much more thorough treatment of the subject, see this link: 7 Tips for Growing your Business Exposure on Instagram

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