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Google Introduces Compare for U.S. mortgages


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During its last annual Livestream AdWords announced, among many other things, that it was going to release a Compare tool for several verticals including the mortgage industry. Well, the mortgage rate comparison tool has finally been released into the wild. For now it is only live in California, but it should be released to the rest of the U.S. soon.

Google Compare allows consumers to compare the rates of various lenders without leaving Google. They can also read reviews, which could be huge and may give local lenders a leg up on the big national lenders (as long as you have great customer service and thus great reviews).

Compare is based on a “flexible cost-per-lead” model. I assume this means that you will bid on CPL rather than CPC (cost-per-click), and that you will have a target CPL but actual CPL may vary (as opposed to a fixed CPL). I will know more when this is actually released in Oregon and I can get access to the tool through our AdWords representative.

This is yet another tool in the toolbag for mortgage lenders, and is certainly worth testing when it comes to your state.

If you are a mortgage lender, or any other business that relies on consumer leads to grow your business, get in touch with us! We’d love the opportunity to earn your business.

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