11% is a great conversion rate for legal landing pages

What is a Good Conversion Rate for Legal Landing Pages?

As a digital marketer, I love the fact that I can share real data with my legal clients. Impressions, click-through-rate, conversion rate – there’s no guessing involved. However, just knowing your own numbers is not enough. You want to know how you measure up to the competition. My clients often ask “what is a good conversion rate?” Just giving you your metrics without a point of reference is kind of like telling you your favorite football team scored 24 points without telling you how many points the other team scored. It helps to have a point of reference with which to compare our performance is what I’m saying.

Well, you’re in luck. Unbounce recently published their 2017 Conversion Benchmark Report. They analyzed over 64,000 landing pages across 10 industries. These are landing pages published on Unbounce, mind you, so the stats do not include people who simply send traffic to their home pages. These are pages built with conversion optimization in mind.

To make a long story short, the median conversion rate in the legal industry is 3.3%. If you can beat 3.3%, you are in the top 50% of the industry. If you can get a conversion rate of 7% you are doing well, and if you can beat 11% you are a top performer.

Distribution of conversion rate for legal

These statistics were surprising and gratifying to me because we consider the 11% range to be the minimally acceptable conversion rate. We consider 15% to be a good conversion rate, and 20% to be a great conversion rate. This will not change our standards, and we will always push to improve results through testing and optimization. However, it is always good to get a little validation to help you feel good and to motivate you to be even better!

Be sure to check out the 2017 Conversion Benchmark Report for yourself to see the story behind the numbers and some advice about what to do next if your landing page is not performing as well as you would like.

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