AdWords Livestream 2015

New AdWords Compare Mortgages Ad Format

In Google AdWords’ 2015 Annual Livestream on April 5th, advertisers were introduced to a plethora of new features coming soon to the AdWords platform. One of these is Google Compare for mortgage providers. This feature will give potential customers an easy way to quickly compare providers in terms of cost, ratings, and key differentiators that the advertiser provides (such as being local, etc.)

Google already launched this service for insurance a few months ago, and they are ready to expand to different markets. The service has been somewhat controversial, with large insurers such as Progressive, State Farm, GEICO, and Allstate apparently refusing to participate. Some see the service as a “price-only comparison platform”, but Google is incorporating detailed ratings and the ability to include key differentiators in your ad copy to offset this.

According to Google, Comparison Ads offer advertisers the ability to target their offers on a granular level with a flexible cost per lead format. This feature will be rolling out for mortgage providers in the coming months. You can read more about Comparison Ads here.

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