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We’ve been working on account structure best practices. It seems there are a number of different methods that different people in the office swear by, so it was a bit of a heated debate when we finally decided to tackle it.


Brent Baltzer – Portland‘s insight:

This (awesome) post is all about account structure. There are a few intriguing ideas here, including:”SKAGs” (Single Keyword Ad Groups) for top performing keywords. Allows you to hyper target your ad and landing page for these top performers. These need to be exact match, and should be added as negatives to all other campaigns.Naming conventions the name of the campaign should tell anyone looking at it what network it was running on, what the topic/service/product etc is, and what the match type/targeting strategy is.Settings some nice “rules of thumb” or “if, then” rules here, if you will… basically, IF you are doing ad testing THEN pick the evenly rotate ad settings. IF you have a lot of conversion data and are not ad testing, THEN pick the “optimize for conversions” setting. IF you do not have sufficient conversion data and are not ad testing, THEN optimize for clicks. So much stuff to try here. My mind is basically blown.

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