When It Comes to Attribution, Customers Count – Think Insights – Google

See on Scoop.it – PPC News, Commentary & Articles It’s time marketers examined all the opportunities along the customer journey, not just the last click, as brands can establish better connections with customers if they adopt a holistic approach to attribution. Brent Baltzer‘s insight: I think we can all agree that last-click attribution is pretty […]

4 Google Analytics Reports Every PPC Manager Should Use | PPC Hero®

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The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Conversion Types

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AdWords Conversion Tracking: BIG Changes.

See on Scoop.it – PPC News, Commentary & Articles Read more to learn about Flexible Conversion tracking in AdWords and how that will change your reporting, bidding and goal-creation strategy. Brent Baltzer‘s insight: Great explanation of the new "Converted Clicks" function in AdWords. See on www.lunametrics.com